Ever had a senior moment?

I have the short-term memory of a goldfish.  I can remember dreams I had years ago, I can remember the color jacket I wore in the first memory I have, when I was three yeas old, when my parents took me to meet the Care Bears (It was hot pink.).  However, I will walk into a room looking for my cell phone, and then forget what I came in there for.  The phone will be sitting on the table or something, right in front of me, and I’ll just totally blank on what I’d gone in that room for.  I’ll be listening to the radio, and a song will start playing I want to buy on iTunes, and I’ll make a mental note of it, and then 15 minutes later…I’ve forgotten the song I wanted to buy.  I laugh at myself about it all the time, because I can remember useless trivia, I can remember stuff I learned in school decades ago, but damn if I don’t remember what I had for dinner four days ago.



One comment

  1. gwargz · May 30, 2016

    I can relate. I am now over 50. I can easily recall names of my friends and classmates in my elementary days. But these days, i hardly can recall the name of a person i have just met a few seconds. I can not memorize faces now except if the woman is beautiful, bweheheheheheh. By the way, excuse me, gonna look for my cellphone, too.


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