I’m sick of this @$#%.

I wish the United States would have election lengths like Canada and the UK do.  Short.  Canada’s election lasts all of 5 weeks.  That’s it.  You have five weeks to impress upon the Canadian public that you should be Prime Minister, and if you can’t, then you don’t win.  You don’t start campaigning a year and half from the election.  In the UK, I think it’s a couple of months.  I understand that in theory, a lengthy campaign season is supposed to separate the wheat from the chaff, so that the strongest two candidates go up against one another for the Presidency, but it also means that we see month after month after month of bullshit and stupidity and more bullshit, and my ability to stomach that much bovine excrement is slowly coming to a middle.  Donald Trump makes me sick to my fucking stomach, but at least Hillary Clinton, who I don’t care for all that much, doesn’t make me want to vomit.  That’s a sad state of affairs though, wouldn’t you say?  Our options are between an ambulatory merkin with fascist tendencies and someone who isn’t great, but at least isn’t Benito Mussolini with a tan and a combover.

Just as an aside, can someone explain to me why veterans are supporting a man who said John McCain was a loser for being captured?  I don’t like John McCain, and I don’t like his politics, and I especially hate that he foisted Sarah Palin on us when we did nothing to deserve such a horrific fate, but the absolute last thing I would ever do is call him a loser for being a POW.  In any sane, rational country, that would have been the end of Drumpf’s Presidential ambitions right there, but no, not here.

Fucking hell.




  1. Vonita · June 1, 2016

    It seems much more civil in Australia, they don’t seem to get as personal as they do in the U.S., though having said that people including Abbott were pretty sexist and mysoginist against Julia Bishop when she got elected.


    • Beth · June 2, 2016

      As much as I wish voting was compulsory here, I don’t blame people for tuning out. There’s only so much BS you can take before you throw your hands in air and shout that you’ve had enough. I reached that point a while ago. I’m going to vote, just like I’ve voted in every election since 2000 when I turned 18, but I don’t watch any politics-centered TV shows or news programs anymore, and while I continue to listen to NPR, if things start straying too close to the election, I change the channel.

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  2. nonsmokingladybug · June 1, 2016

    As I said yesterday, it’s an election shame not an election game. I think the majority of us is angry.

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  3. Jim Kane · June 1, 2016

    I am looking at writing in my presidential candidate this year. I have never done it before and this will be my 11 presidential election. I did vote third party once and have never regretted it. I share your frustration.


  4. luckyjc007 · June 2, 2016

    In reality, the whole system is fraudulent! There is so much corruption, if everyone knew all the things that go on it would make their head spin! I do not like any of the presidential candidates, but someone will be elected and will be basically running this country. If I were to write in a candidate of my choice…it is a sure bet that they would lose…so my alternative, as I see it, is to vote for the lesser of the two evils! Otherwise, the people that vote for the candidate that is actually the nominee are the ones that end up choosing who becomes President, so I’m letting them choose for me. I prefer to choose my own poison! When there are dishonest people and there is to be a choice among them everyone needs to take a long, and hard look at who’s running. I’m not a fan of Trump and he does and says some awful things, and I’m not in favor of of socialism (no one needs things ..free this, and free that —they need to earn what they receive because there is always someone that has to PAY…nothing is free…Washington does not have a room full of money just sitting there to use on free stuff for people…the people paying taxes are the ones that supply that money! I agree that some people do need assistance, however, that does not mean you give free things out like candy! I’m certainly not a fan of Hillary either and I can not bring myself to vote for someone that has deliberately held back information and documents that belong to the U.S. Government. What will she do if she were in charge of everything? And, being investigated by the FBI is not a minor problem.


    • Beth · June 2, 2016

      My own issues with Hillary Clinton notwithstanding, I can’t not vote for her if my other option is Donald Trump. I live in a swing state, so voting for anyone but the Democrat is allowing Trump to win, and I can’t allow that. There are things about this country that need work, that need to be improved, and electing that guy won’t get any of it done. He makes my skin crawl.


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