Damn you, sunshine.

So, every week, my dad and I mow our two yards; the front yard and the back yard.  Wednesday we mowed the front yard, and it sucked because the sun was shining right on my head, and I was sweating like a greased pig, and it was hot, and it sucked.  Yesterday, we mowed the backyard, specifically because it was forecast to be cloudy or overcast, and while it would be warm, it wouldn’t be as bad as it would be if the sun was directly overhead, considering we have no trees in the backyard and therefore no shade.

Well, guess what happened?

The goddamn sun came out.  Big ol’ blue sky and everything.  Normally I love blue skies and sunshine, but not when I’m pushing a lawn mower uphill in near-90° temperatures.  In that situation, the sunshine and blue sky can go fuck itself.



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