A new you.

I love makeup, but I don’t really have any both because I can’t afford to buy it, and because I have nowhere I go right now that requires me dressing up like that.  I subscribe to several beauty accounts on YouTube (Tati, Zabrena, NikkieTutorials, BaileyB, Jeffree Star) because I love watching people demonstrate new products and tutorials for different looks, and also because I love drooling over the sometimes expensive products they use.  I wish I had all of it for myself because I’d have fun with it.  I used to wear makeup all the time when I was in school, as I didn’t feel completely dressed and put together without it, but now, I don’t think I’ve worn it in 5 years at least.  I’ve been lucky to not have issues with acne or other skin problems, so I don’t need to use it to cover up anything, so I probably wouldn’t put anything on my face anyway.  Eyeshadow/liner/mascara?  Yeah, I’d be all over that.



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