Have you ever had to do something or found yourself faced with a task you didn’t think you could accomplish?  One such memory that sticks out in my mind was when my sister and I hiked up Pilot Mountain a few months ago.  There are various trails that take you up and around the knob of the mountain, for a lack of a better description, and the trails are of varying difficulties.  We chose one about in the middle, and though we took our time, we still did it.  Neither of us are in the best shape, and we both have issues with knees and ankles, so even a moderately strenuous hike seemed particularly daunting, but we pushed through and persevered, making it up and around back in one piece, and in a decent time.  It’s something I hope we can do again later in the year, as there’s no way in hell I’m hiking up a mountain in the stinky heat of summer, not down here. LOL


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