You too can make your own clothes!

For those of you of a certain vintage, do you remember Simplicity patterns?  My mom does.  She used them quite often to make her own skirts/dresses/culottes when she was a teenager.


Of course, this is back when schools still offered Home Economics to students, both male and female (though 99% female), so sewing your own clothes was a skill you learned if not at home, then in high school.  I wish Home Ec was still offered to students, because I don’t think there’s anything wrong in learning how to sew, cook, and take care of a house.  These are skills everyone should possess, both boys and girls.  My mom showed me some of the patterns she still has that she used back in the day, and they were really cute!  If you couldn’t afford to go shopping at a department store every time you wanted a new dress, but you could afford the fabric and other materials to make your own, it was a wise investment.  I can sew a little, but certainly not well enough to make my own clothes.  It would be nice if I could, since shopping for clothes is difficult and expensive owing to the fact that I have to shop at Lane Bryant/Torrid, and they’re not necessary cheap.


Tell me what you think!

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