Give me the city life.

If you have even a passing interest in my blog, then you know that I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and that I love my hometown and all the memories I have of growing up there for 19 years.  I currently live in a large town/small city, depending on your perspective, but it’s still more rural than urban, and when we moved here, it took some getting used to.  I mean, there’s a farm down the road from us with cows…actual cows…and chickens and horses and all of the effluvia you’d expect on a farm.  It was trippy at first.  It’s not something I think I’ll ever entirely get used to, but there are some things about living here that I like, namely how clean it is compared to a larger, urban environment and how you have a greater chance of getting to know people you see everyday.  If I still had a choice, I’d much rather live in the city, where there is public transportation, more restaurants, more shopping, more cultural activities.  I don’t know if I’d move back to Chicago, though.  The city is fucked, and that’s being kind.  The state is bankrupt, and it’s been two years now since they had a budget, and the gun violence in the city is so severe, I’d actually fear for my life if I went anywhere outside of a 10-block radius on the North Side (That’s the part of the city I grew up in.)

I suppose that’s one thing I’m grateful I don’t need to worry about here — I can walk my dog any time of day and not be worried I’ll hear gunshots in the distance.  Fuck guns.  I hate them.  If it were possible, I wish we could scoop them all up and drop them into the Marianas Trench.


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