Happy Father’s Day!

I’m lucky in that my sister and I have a great father, something friends of mine are jealous about because their fathers are or were nothing to write home about.  My dad never beat us or our mother, he never ran around and cheated on her.  We always had a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food on the table, and at least one present under the tree at Christmas.  He and I disagree about a lot politically because he’s conservative and I’m very liberal, but we have similar tastes when it comes to other things, so we don’t argue often, if at all.  Thankfully.  We’re both incredibly bull-headed, and we’d just end up annoying each other rather than changing the other person’s mind.  LOL

If you can talk to your father today, and if you have a good relationship with him, tell him you love him, tell him he’s been a great father, tell him you appreciate him.  My dad’s had health problems the past few years, off and on, so I don’t take any time with him for granted.  I could have easily not had these few years.  He’ll be 67 next month, and I hope we get 20 or so more years of Father’s Days before it’s all up.


One comment

  1. Vonita · June 19, 2016

    That’s a lovely tribute!


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