Hot Fun in the Summertime.

I’ve always been torn and conflicted when it comes to summer.  It’s one of those seasons that, much like winter, has a lot of pros and cons.  My all-time favorite season is fall/autumn, hands down.  Cool enough to throw on a hoodie, not so cold that you can’t spend time outside without getting frostbite.  Spring is too chilly and damp.  Summer, though…I love the summer because my birthday is in June, I can go swimming whenever I want, baseball is in full swing, and I don’t have to bundle up like Nanook of the North to walk the dog or run errands.  I hate the summer because I don’t like extreme heat, and while my little corner of North Carolina doesn’t get Phoenix-like temperatures (it’s supposed to be 117° there today), it’s still hotter than I’m comfortable with, so I conversely want to spend as little time outside as I can get away with.  All that being said, the trees are green and lush, the sky is blue, there isn’t a cloud to be seen, and I think I hear the ice cream man…


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