Slippery when wet.

I love water.  I love drinking it (I drink nearly 2 L a day.), I love swimming in it, I love listening to it hit against my windows, I love just looking at the sun (or moon) reflecting off it on a clear day (or night).  I learned to swim when I was young, and I’ve always had an affinity for the water.  We used to go to the beach a lot in the summer, and while Lake Michigan isn’t always the cleanest body of water around to go dipsy-doodling in, I always had a blast.  Got a ton of sunburns, which would always gross me out when it would start peeling, but when you’re in too much of a hurry to get in the water that you forget about sunscreen, that will happen.  I’ve been to the beach here in North Carolina a couple of times, and I’ll never forget the first time we drove to Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach specifically, and I got to walk into the Atlantic Ocean.  An ocean!  I thought it was infinitely better than Lake Michigan….until the first time I got salt water in my eyes, and I remembered why freshwater was better.

I’m always self-conscious about wearing a bathing suit in public, and it’s a tankini, so my middle/thighs are covered, but that lasts just as long as it takes someone much larger than I to saunter into the pool (or ocean) wearing a bikini.  Then I sigh and say to myself, ‘”I’m glad I’m not that big.  Or tasteless.”



  1. Olive Ole · June 28, 2016

    Just out of curiosity – why do you see bikinis as tasteless?


    • Beth · July 6, 2016

      I don’t think bikinis in and of themselves are tasteless. I think they can *look* tasteless when they’re on bodies that shouldn’t wear them or if they expose more than should be exposed on a public beach. If I had the body to wear a bikini, every time I went to the pool or to the beach I’d wear one, but I’d make damn sure I looked decent in it first.

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  2. ywwp · October 6, 2016

    nice one – if you may format it like a poem, it would be better…


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