Please remember the SPF.

I spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, whether walking, doing yard work, swimming, or other activities like that, and while I don’t burn easily, I do burn sometimes, and the worst part of a sunburn isn’t the actual burn itself, which sucks, but the itching and peeling that comes later when it’s healing.  It especially stinks when you get a sunburn on your back, because you can’t reach some parts of your back by yourself, and you’ll drive yourself spare trying to scratch it.  What also stinks is walking around looking like a freshly boiled lobster.  I use SPF 100+ on my face, neck/chest, arms, and my upper back.  I don’t burn on my legs, interestingly enough, though if I’m swimming or at the beach, I’ll put sunscreen on them.  I’ve only ever gotten a really, really bad sunburn once, the kind where you have to lay on your stomach for two weeks because if you put any pressure on your back, even just clothing, you’ll be howling.

So, let that be my summertime advice for all my faithful readers — WEAR YOUR GODDAMN SUNSCREEN.  Cancer is no joke.


One comment

  1. loisajay · July 2, 2016

    I have stage 4 melanoma, so your post today makes me smile. IF ONLY….I had worn sunscreen when I was a kid. If only…..


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