Dirty Little Secret

I think a lot of people have forbidden or “guilty” pleasures.  Mine used to be dark chocolate, but since chocolate and almost anything sweet makes my gall bladder go all stabby, I can’t eat it anymore.  A little bit of sugar every now and again is alright, but it’s gone in the no-no pile along with salt, which I’d drastically cut from my diet a while back. In lieu of dark chocolate, my new favorite forbidden pleasure are these vegan snacks my sister had stashed in the pantry for the longest time — they’re apple straws, dusted with cinnamon.  They basically taste like apple pie sticks.


They’re SO good and more than just being delicious, they’re good for you, so if you eat half the bag, you don’t feel so bad.



One comment

  1. Vonita · July 6, 2016

    They look good!


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