It needs an extra ‘s.’

Desert makes me think of dessert, and dessert makes me think of all the foods I can’t have  anymore.  For example, I can’t eat chocolate.  I have gallstones, but I have no insurance, and I don’t qualify for Medicaid (How’s that for shitty luck?), so I can’t afford to have my gall bladder removed.  That means I have to excise from my diet a lot of foods I love, but give me pain so severe, I’ve contemplated jumping out a window to give me some other pain to focus on.  Chocolate is the worst offender when it comes to this, sadly.  Dark chocolate was my #1 weakness, but I can live without it if it means living pain-free.  I had to give up my Friday Frappuccino’s, too.  I haven’t had one in almost a year at this point.  I have (had?) a pretty prodigious sweet tooth, but I’ve cut a lot of sugar out of my diet entirely, though I’m not diabetic.  I allow myself some vegan Apple Straws every Monday, and a couple of shortbread cookies, maybe a couple of graham crackers, every Sunday night, but that’s it.  Fruits are fine.  I would kill for some strawberry shortcake right about now.  A small piece, though.  😉



  1. Vonita · July 10, 2016

    Has all the cutting out of sugar assisted in weight management? My diet has been terrible of late.


    • Beth · July 14, 2016

      It has, yes. I never ate that much sugary stuff to begin with, but I’ve definitely seen on the scale, the evidence that it’s working. I would need to drop a bit more weight to see a truly noticeable difference in how I look or how my clothes fit, but it’s coming along, slowly but surely.

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  2. Tammi Kale · July 11, 2016

    Love your posts – I can very much relate! Glad I found you.


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