Don’t overstay your welcome.

I have a lot of social pet peeves, and one of them is a guest staying too long, whether at a party or because they’re actually boarding there for a set period of time, like when you have out-of-town family stay with you over the holidays.  Usually when people stay at your house/apartment, it’s for a specific reason, and you’ve got things planned for that time, or you have money budgeted for it, and when those plans get thrown out the window, it makes for an awkward and uncomfortable situation after the fact.  If you say you’ll only be staying 3 days, then after 72 hours, you should leave.  That’s not me saying “Get the fuck out and don’t come back,” that’s me saying, “The agreed upon time for your stay has elapsed.  Thank you for you company, and I look forward to the next time you stay over.”

It all boils down to respect.  The same goes for parties.  If it’s 2 a.m. and everyone left a couple of hours ago, yet you’re still hanging around, the time has long since come and gone when you should have left as well.  Unless you have an agreement with the host(s), leave.  Bye.  Thanks for coming.


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