Don’t Stop Believin’.

Is anyone else tired of hearing that song or is it just me?  I listen to a lot of classic rock radio, and it seems stations play that song of theirs almost two or three times as often as they play songs I think are a lot better, like Lights, Who’s Crying Now, and Wheel in the Sky.  I get it, the finale of The Sopranos basically put that song back into the cultural consciousness, but for sanity’s sake, people…STOP OVERPLAYING IT.  It’s getting up into Stairway to Heaven territory in regard to songs that don’t suck, but have been beaten to death so hard on the radio, then minute you hear the opening notes your ears start bleeding.

Now, if you ask me what Journey song I think should be fired into the sun, that’s easy — Open Arms.  God DAMN what a schmaltzy song that is.  You can literally see the sugar dripping off your speakers while it’s playing.


Tell me what you think!

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