Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I’m not good at apologizing.  Not because I have a massive ego and can’t admit when I’m wrong, but I don’t like feeling stupid or like a failure, and having to say I’m sorry because I got something wrong or did something wrong just makes me feel like shit.  It all ties into the FoF™ I have — Fear of Failure.  I just don’t like looking stupid or uninformed or clumsy…..I have horrible self-esteem problems, and other people’s opinions of me matter more than they should.  That’s why apologizing is so difficult.  If I don’t apologize, I don’t have to admit I was wrong, and then the other person won’t think I’m an idiot.  That’s really tortured logic, I know.  It makes sense in my head, though.


One comment

  1. kristinakoti · August 1, 2016

    I know what it feels like. I was stuck in this cycle for a while, not that I have recovered, but somehow I am dealing with it. I am taking the liberty to link here one of my articles related to your post. I hope you like it and it helps 🙂


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