F$@% you, stupid gallbladder.

Dark chocolate is amazing.  I love it.  Milk chocolate and white chocolate (which isn’t technically chocolate because there’s no cacao in it) don’t do anything for me.  The darker, the more bitter the chocolate, the better.

Unfortunately, I can’t eat it anymore.  I have issues with my gallbladder, but I can’t afford to have the dumb thing surgically removed.  That means, I can’t have certain kinds of food that trigger gallstone attacks.  A lot of sugar, chocolate in particular, is one of those things.  Chocolate turned into a really horrifying trigger for those attacks.  What really sucks about it is I have a really bad sweet tooth, which I inherited from my mom.  I always had a small candy dish in my room with M&Ms or dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, and whenever I’d get the urge for one, I’d grab a couple.  Can’t do that anymore.  Couldn’t even have my usual double chocolate birthday cake this year.

Stupid fucking gallbladder.  I never ate a ton of sugary crap to begin with, but now, I allow myself just a few Apple Straws every Monday night, a couple of plain cake donuts on Friday for breakfast, and two small shortbread cookies on Sunday nights while I listen to Dick Clark’s Rock, Roll and Remember.  That’s it.  I was already limiting my salt/fat intake anyway, long before this started happening, so I’ve just been continuing it.  The good thing about having no job is having no money to buy fast food and other junk like that, so it does wonders for your diet.

I’m also rather fortunate that the occasional jonesing for chocolate is the only “craving” I really have.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink anything with caffeine.  My sister used to drink a ton of Dr. Pepper, and when she went off the stuff, her caffeine-withdrawal headaches made MY head ache.  I couldn’t imagine going through something like that, or worse.


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  1. Sithmini · August 4, 2016

    Hope you’ll be better soon 🙂


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