The glamorous life.

Oh man, if I ever won the lottery, I wouldn’t be one of those people that blows it all in a year, but I’d definitely treat myself to a few things that I currently can’t.  Like a new bed.  I’ve had my mattress/box spring for 15 years now, and I could sorely use a new one.  I’d buy some new bookshelves for my room, as I have boxes full of books in the attic and basement I would love to display, but I currently can’t.  I would also get a bigger desk and a nicer office chair to sit in.  I’d get some new clothes too, and a couple new pairs of sneakers, since mine are almost worn through.  I’d also put quite a bit of it in the bank to accrue some interest, locked away so I can’t get to it unless the unthinkable happens.  I’ve always been frugal with money, and suddenly finding myself with a lot of it doesn’t mean I would change that basic attitude.


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