I’m not very good at making up my mind.  I will stand in front of my open pantry doors for about 15 minutes, trying to figure out what I want to eat.  I will bounce around from station to station on the radio trying to find that one plays something I want to listen to, which frankly, isn’t often enough.  I try on several different shirts every morning, because I don’t know which one I want to wear for the day.  It’s one of the traits about myself that I hate the most, because it makes me look or seem wishy-washy, and I’m really not.  I work at being more solid when it comes to making choices, and I know it’ll be something I’ll have to continue working at the rest of my life.

One comment

  1. teaismyjam · August 10, 2016

    Ah! This is something that I desperately have to work on as well. Yikes, it’s something that I wrote about in my latest post if you’d like to check it out: 😃
    Some shameless self promotion here! Oh no!


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