The Dark Side of the Moon

I loves me some Pink Floyd, and I’ve loved them for a long time now. I listen to them several times a month, but it used to be a lot more than that.  I have well over 300 bootlegs of their live shows, all collected back when sites like Megaupload and RapidShare were allowed to exist, and I’d listen to each show as I got it.  There are a few I listen to quite often because the person who taped it was close to the stage or had really good microphones, but others I haven’t listened to since I acquired it, in some cases six years ago now.  You could say I was obsessed with them at one point, but it’s tempered now.  I even went out and bought as many of their albums as I could, all on vinyl.  All I’m missing is Atom Heart Mother and The Final Cut, neither of which I like anyway, so I’m not too disappointed about that.  I think Pink Floyd and maybe The Dave Brubeck Quartet are the only artists that I can say I ever obsessed over in terms of getting material, listening to it, talking about it online with other like-minded people, etc.



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  2. Dangerspouse · August 12, 2016

    I loved Brubeck. Never got to any of their concerts, but it was always a dream. Great stuff….


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