Easy like Sunday morning.

I’m probably one of the least difficult or complicated people I know or that other people know.  I don’t understand why people feel the need sometimes to make life difficult for others by being hard to please or understand, but I’ve never seen any merit in it.  What do they think they’re getting out of it?  You sometimes hear women like this described as “high-maintenance,” which is just code for “huge, massive pain in the ass.”  I know a couple of women that could reasonably be described this way, and while I love them to death, they also irritate the hell out of me sometimes with that.  It’s like, not everything is the end of the world, and no, you don’t need to take three hours to get ready to go grocery shopping.  You’re picking out eggplants, not a husband.



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  1. marigreendog · August 14, 2016

    I understand what you mean! I am by no means a drama queen. I could be -and have been- described as ‘low maintenance’. The problem is that somehow, low maintenance +independent= no support from most people. You don’t get helped sometimes even when you need it. I’ve been through tough times and since I am seen as weird and too self-suffcient, there has been little support outside my closest friends-not even a handful. There is no sympathy for the strong. I wrote about it some time ago in my blog, a post called Strength and Courage, The Tears Behind a Smile. Great read!

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