No, classical music doesn’t suck.

I’m always amazed at the number of people I’ve had tell me that they think classical music is boring or stupid or it sucks or it’s “old people music” or some other kind of nonsense like that.  We’re still listening to Mozart and Beethoven and Debussy and Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky and a whole host of other composers in the year 2016.  Will we be listening to Justin Bieber or One Direction in 300 years?  I don’t think so.  Now, while I freely admit to putting on classical music when I’m really, really sick and can’t fall asleep, when I’m not sick, I can listen to it just fine without falling asleep.  I can’t say I know all the composers well enough to immediately spot their works, I know some pieces by specific composers, and when I hear them, I can identify them.  Kind of like this one, for example.



  1. kurtislunz · August 18, 2016

    Maybe, it is one of those things like certain sports…If you watch them on tv; then, they aren’t so entertaining. However, if you see it live it’s pretty captivating. I don’t really consider myself a classical music fan; however, I’ve seen some people pick some classical pieces on stringed instruments and it’s pretty amazing to experience.


  2. granonine · August 18, 2016

    I love the classical genre.Thanks for posting one of my favorites 🙂


  3. Marigold blooms... · August 30, 2016

    Agree! I used Chopin’s piano concertos throughout university while studying and napping.😬


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