I didn’t abandon this blog.

If you read my blog post yesterday, then you’ll know where I’ve been all week.  I had to have my gallbladder taken out because it became inflamed with gallstones.  Some people have a genetic predisposition to getting gallstones, and will eventually have to have it removed for that reason, but I wasn’t one of those people.  Gallstones are essentially excess cholesterol that has been hardened into little lumps.  The more cholesterol you eat, the greater the chance is you’ll develop gallstones.  One of those stones got lodged in my common bile duct, and all hell broke loose.  So, don’t make the same mistake I made and eat a shitty diet.  Take care of yourself.  While the pain I’m in right now is nowhere near the pain I was in Monday night/early Tuesday morning, I still had major abdominal surgery on Thursday and for what I think is a stupid reason — my own bad habits.  I put myself through a lot of agony for nothing.

Be smarter than me.



One comment

  1. Vonita · August 30, 2016

    All the best with recovery


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