Hopscotch and Four Square.


When I was a little girl, I RULED at hopscotch and four square.  We didn’t have a playground like above in which to play both, we drew everything on the sidewalk out front of the school with chalk.  I don’t remember the hopscotch board looking like that, though.  I remember it went 1-2-3 as single boxes, then 4-5 as a pair, then 5-6-7 as single boxes, then 8-9 as a pair, and then “Heaven” or “Sky” or “10” as the last box, the name depending upon whoever drew it.  You stood behind a line and softly tossed a small rock onto the board, and whichever square it landed on was where you had to hop to, and you’d have to bend down, still on one foot, and pick up the rock to throw again.  If you put your other foot down, you were out.  It was great exercise for your core muscles, though none of us knew what the hell any of that meant at the time.

As for four square, the objective was to hit a rubber ball back and forth with each other without it leaving the four squares you were standing in, and from one person to the next, it could only bounce once.  That was a lot harder because unless you had huge squares in your sidewalk to work with, you had to be careful not to hit it too hard, otherwise it would leave that four square area and then you’d be out, substituted by someone else that wanted to play.  I played hopscotch more than this, but when I did…I was the queen.  Well, I thought I was anyway.

Ah, childhood.  What I wouldn’t give sometimes for a chance to do it all over again.  *sigh*



One comment

  1. knowmyheartblog · September 3, 2016

    Oh, this brought back so many memories! I can remember playing hopscotch and four square for hours when I was a child.


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