Up above the world so high.

I had initially read the prompt today as “Tinkle,” and I thought for a moment about why we’d be asked to write something about going to the bathroom.  Then I looked at it again and saw that it actually said “Twinkle,” which is much better.  I love astronomy.  I don’t love it enough to wish I’d majored in it in college, but I do love watching programs about space and space exploration, I love listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s lectures, and I really, really love watching documentaries and programs about our space program in the 1960s, particularly the Apollo program.  Space is so huge, so expansive, and in many ways, so unknowable, that the mystery is what makes it so interesting.  How big is the universe really?  Is it getting bigger?  Is it getting smaller?  How can astrophysicists tell?  Everything about the origins of the universe and life here on Earth is insanely interesting to me.  It boggles my mind when other people say it’s boring or stupid or they don’t care.  How can you not care??



Tell me what you think!

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