Power back up.


One of the ways I enjoy resetting my equilibrium is by sitting in a quiet room, with maybe only an oscillating fan going, and closing my eyes.  Sometimes I’ll lie down if there’s a bed in it.  I take maybe five, ten minutes to just decompress and work out whatever frustrations are in my head so that I can go back to what I was doing with a clearer mind and better attitude.  I especially do this after a long day.  I don’t like going to bed stressed or angry, and this is a great way that I’ve found to help me not let that happen.  Another thing I do is I wear a sleep mask to bed.  I can’t sleep if it’s not pitch black, and since my fan and alarm clock both are lit up to some degree, if I don’t wear a sleep mask, I can’t fall asleep.  I’ve found that I sleep better now that I wear one, and I wake up the next morning more refreshed and relaxed than I used to when I didn’t wear one.  It’s something for you readers out there to consider, if you’re looking for ways to sleep better and wake up better the next day.



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