Give your recipe a kick!


I’m not usually a fan of deviled eggs because most people use waaaaaaay too much mayonnaise for my tastes, as I’m not a fan of the condiment at all.  I can tolerate it in small doses, but that’s it.  However, I’ve found a way to enjoy them.  Instead of using mayonnaise, I use Dijonnaise.  It’s basically mayonnaise and dijon mustard mixed together, and I find it’s less cloying than if I used mayonnaise and mustard separately.  I also stir in a little bit of white wine vinegar to cut the richness, since egg yolks + Dijonnaise can be incredibly heavy.  I don’t have any exact measurements, as everything is to taste.  You’ll have to start out using small amounts and then stop when you think you’ve added just enough.  Instead of regular paprika on top, I sprinkle smoked spicy paprika, which I think truly “devils” them.  I’ve seen some recipes for no-mayo deviled eggs, but I’ve yet to try them.  Maybe one day I will and let you all know what I think.  Until them, happy eating!


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