Like, fer sure.

As a child of the 80s, I have to cop to using a lot of Valley Girl speak, both consciously and unconsciously, and in some ways, I still do, even to this day.  The word “like” for example, finds its way into my conversations more than I’d like it to, because I find dead air in the middle of a conversation to be awkward, so rather than just stand there silent while I’m trying to figure out what to say, I’ll say “like” a lot just to fill the time.  To get back to the main gist however, I was into all the Valley Girl-isms at the time, such as “gag me with a spoon,” “that is grody to the max,” and “like, fer sure.”  It’s embarrassing to look back on because I rail against teenagers today and all their current language woes, totally ignoring the fact that I sounded just as stupid 27, 28 years ago.  I mean, is saying “gag me with a spoon” that much better than saying “my eyebrows are on fleek”?  I’m not sure it is.

So, like, don’t be a total dweebazoid.



  1. rh15216 · September 13, 2016

    dweebazoid?! haven’t heard that in years…!

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  2. ralphmontinola · September 13, 2016

    I like the word “like”


  3. · September 13, 2016

    lol I often incorporate valley girl/surfer slang into my every day speech, but not on purpose. In fact, most the goofy slang I use started out, at some point, as a joke, and then it kind of got stuck. “Groovy” came from teasing my dad, “Dude” “like” and “Grody to the max” came from movies and real life silliness as I was growing up, “Eh” came from the rest of the world assuming all Canadians say “eh” constantly (which, btw, the average Canadian so does not lol). I could go on, but I’d be here all day.
    Anyway… great post.


  4. rs148712 · September 14, 2016

    This blog is so funny and feek! 😉


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