One foot in front of the other.

My sister and I enjoy taking hikes in the spring/autumn because the weather is more conducive to lengthy outdoor exercise, and one of our favorite places to go is Pilot Mountain.  We’ve hiked around the top of it before, and aside from being careful not to stray too close to the edge, as there are no railings anywhere to keep you from plummeting off the side, it’s a relatively easy walk.  There is some moderate climbing required, in the sense that you’re hauling yourself up pretty steep steps in some locations, but it’s nothing that her and I couldn’t handle, and we’re both out of shape and overweight.  So, if we can do it, someone in better condition than us should be able to make us appear to be standing still.  There are also a lot of nature trails and little greenways around where we live, and we’ve walked/hiked them more than a few times……always in the spring or autumn when it’s not stinky hot and humid.  The last thing I want to do is sweat my ass off walking through overgrown foliage.  I love being outside, letting the fresh air swirl around me.  I highly recommend that if you live anywhere near a national park or even just a park in general, you get out and walk around.  Not only is the exercise good for you, but being around other people, seeing trees and grass and flowers……it’s better than sitting on your ass in the house playing video games or watching mindless reality TV.  Be better than that.


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