I’m no fashion model.

Style for me is more about function over form.  That doesn’t mean I want to dress in ill-fitting or ugly clothes, rather that it’s more important that the clothes fit and cover me than necessarily look like something that crawled out of Vogue.  I’ve never been into trends or dressing like celebrities do, mostly because I cannot afford to buy clothes like that, nor can I fit into them, at least not right now.  Heavy people don’t really have a ton of options when it comes to where they can shop, so I’m limited to what I can buy and what I can wear.  If you opened up my closet doors, you’d see a lot of tank tops/camisoles, which I wear with a short-sleeved bolero sweater in the cooler months, a section of tops to wear for work, work trousers, skirts, and then other casual short-sleeved tops that I cannot wear to work.  All of them are in pretty basic colors; black, gray, navy blue, white, and an occasional bright blue or pink.  I favor darker colors because they look better on me than neons or pastels do.  Nothing is form-fitting.  All my shirts come down to my hips, or at least a few inches past my navel.  I’m a boring dresser, and I admit it, but I’d rather be boring and wear clothes that fit me than be exciting and wear clothes that don’t.



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