In a world of pure imagination.

When I was a younger, I had a very vivid imagination, constructing for myself a make-believe world where I was all sorts of people — actor, rock star, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, etc.  I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, so whatever I could dream up had to take the place of that, and for the most part, it was alright.  I would have loved to have had more friends, been invited to sleepovers/parties, stuff like that, but I didn’t have the right kind of personality for that.  I wasn’t the type of kid that approached someone and said, “Hi, my name is Beth!  Want to be my friend?”  That was my sister.  She could walk into a room full of 100 kids she didn’t know from a hole in the wall, then walk out half an hour later with about 30 new friends.  I was always envious, and still am if we’re being honest, at her ability to be social.  I’m just no good at it.



  1. Serendipitous Web Life. : ) · September 25, 2016

    I relate to this post on so many levels. I also had a wonderful imagination growing up. It was so fun creating those worlds. I lost it for awhile and now I’m finding it again in writing. It’s freeing.
    I also had an older sister who was miss popular/homecoming queen. At the time I wished I could be that. However, now that we’re adults and around people, I’m glad I seem to connected with people on a level she keeps surface. After all these years, I’m finding the best parts of myself that have always been there. Nice post! Thank you for the opportunity to feel and express that. It’s good! : ). Let’s both have an imaginative day!

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  2. Sue · September 25, 2016

    You have imagination. She is social. Both are good:-). You are on your journey & she’s on hers…


  3. janebasilblog · September 25, 2016

    I love this post. It reminds me of my sister and I. She had no trouble making friends, while I spent much of my childhood up trees, dreaming. It later turned out that while I envied her abilities, she envied me in other ways.
    For a long time there was resentment between us, but now we’re the best of friends.

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  4. Kapri · March 7, 2017

    well isnt this just me all around. and my sun is at 20′virgo. i have been practicing ‘existing’ on the other side (pisces) as a sort of ‘ongoing me8ytlitt/mediaation&#n217; for getting through the last year or so and i can say it works. helped keep my sanity, really i can vouch for how much better it is to live day in-day out life practicing the advice in this posting.


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