I’ll get around to it. Eventually.

I’m not usually one for starting something and then not seeing it through to its conclusion, but there have been a couple of things I’ve gotten off the ground and then did nothing with, either for a long time or up to now.  Probably the biggest thing would be organizing our storage shed.  When we moved into this house, just off the garage is a huge storage shed, which is right underneath the front porch.  All the boxes that we didn’t have room for in the house went there, along with a few other things, and I’ve kind of been picking at it ever since, which is 8 years ago now.  I’ll get a few boxes broken down, its contents either thrown out or put where they belong, but then I’ll get bored and leave it for some other time.  It kind of irritates me, because I’m not like that with other things.  I even wrote a post about how I finally finished Gravity’s Rainbow after several years because I wanted to be able to say I got through it, and I thought that was the mental slog to end all slogs.  I’ll finish the shed.  One day.  I hope.  😉



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