Willow, don’t you weep for me.

cropped-willow-tree-on-lake-e1399900601773-1When we moved into our current house, the thing that stuck out most to be about it was the massive willow tree in the front yard.  I always loved willows, always wanted one, but we lived in apartments in Chicago and never had any in our yards, and then in the first house we lived in after moving out of Chicago, still didn’t have one.  The fact we finally had one of these beautiful trees made me smile.  Sadly though, it died about a year ago, and we’re going to have it chopped down, because it’s an eyesore and safety hazard now.  It makes me incredibly sad, as we’re not sure what caused it to die.  Our Bradford Pear is looking a little pekid as well, but an arborist that came out told us it was alright, so at least we don’t have to have two trees cut down.  Do you have any favorite trees or even plants in your yard/neighborhood?  I think if I could plant a lilac tree where the willow tree is, I would in a heartbeat.




  1. claudiajustsaying · October 5, 2016

    I feel your pain, Claudia


  2. Robyn · October 5, 2016

    Weeping Willows are my favorite tree – there is a whole row of them down the street and I am always so excited to drive that way and see them sway.


  3. Southern by Design · October 5, 2016

    How sad 😦
    Since moving to the South I am in love with the Crepe Myrtle tree. And they bloom nearly all the way from spring to fall!


    • Beth · October 6, 2016

      Yes! We have a lot of Crepe Myrtle around here. I’ve seen white, light pink, dark pink, and an almost purple. They’re beautiful trees. We don’t have any on our property, but our neighbors across the street do.

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  4. pavankiran2704 · October 5, 2016

    We had a tamarind tree once when I was a kid.But we cut it because it grew over a neighbours house.I miss it a lot.


  5. vinneve · October 5, 2016

    I miss a tree when I was back in my birth Country and finding out that fruit tree which is called soursop is actually good to fight cancer. I miss eating that fruit and seeing it grows but same fate as your tree… while I lived overseas it also died. 😦


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