Before I get into the prompt, I wanted to say that I’ve put in a prompt for my US-based readers to register to vote.  I don’t know what it looks like or how obtrusive/non-obtrusive it is, so if it’s some huge splash page that takes up the whole page, please let me know and I’ll remove it.  Voting is very important to me, and this year’s election is probably the most important election of my lifetime.  If you haven’t already registered to vote, go to Rock the Vote, find your state, and click on the link to register.  In many states, today is the last day you have to register if you want to be able to vote next month, so do it now.  If you have already registered to vote, but you have friends or family that haven’t, pass that link along to them so they can take care of business.  This is too important, too consequential to be ignored.  Men and women have died, they’ve gone to prison, they’ve starved themselves, they’ve faced angry mobs, all for the right to cast their ballot.  The least you can do is honor that and do your duty as an American citizen.  You can also go to to check the Early Voting calendar to find out when it starts in your state.  For me, it’s October 20.  This is great for people that may not be able to get time off school/work to vote on Election Day.  There is ZERO excuse for not utilizing all the tools available to exercise your right to franchise.

Now, on to the prompt — one of the best moments or feelings we as humans can have is when the lightbulb goes off and we suddenly figure out something we’d been straining to understand, whether for an hour or for years.  There are few things out there like that sense of accomplishment you feel when all your hard work has paid off and it all finally clicks.  It really makes you feel like you’ve done something, and that’s one of the best sensations there is.


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  1. Southern by Design · October 6, 2016

    Voting is so important! If interested I wrote a piece about why we should vote with some history of where we’ve come from through the years in regards to who could vote-


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