Election 2016 — Three weeks away.

Every Monday until Election Day, I will make this post. If you’re not registered to vote, depending on what state you live in, there might still be time for you to do so. Go to the following links to get information on how to register:




If you’re already registered, go to Ballotpedia, click on the banner that says “Look up your sample ballot,” then input your address.  All the information that will be on the ballot when you go vote on November 8 will be there for you.  Read up on who is running for what office and make informed decisions.  If you can’t stand anyone running for President, that’s fine, but vote for downticket races.  Don’t stay home.  Exercise your franchise. People didn’t die and/or go to jail for the right to vote so you could sit on your ass and be lazy.  There is NO EXCUSE for anyone in this country to note vote.  Early voting exists in many states, and check here to find it when it starts for you.

This election is too important for people to not give a shit.



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