The pale blue dot.


See that blue speck? That’s us. Just a little mote of light in an unfathomably vast and endless universe. Whenever I start thinking that my problems are so huge, so massive, I can’t possibly get past them or move on or anything else, I remind myself how small, how insignificant all of us are in the grand scheme of things.  Part of what Carl Sagan wanted to do when he pointed out how the Earth was just a “pale blue dot” in the sky was demonstrate how we’re not as grand and important as we like to think we are, and there’s so much more out there than just us. That doesn’t mean I think there are little green martian men flying around in spaceships, but rather there are planets and worlds and yes, maybe even other sentient beings like us, just trying to make their way like we are. It’s very sobering and very humbling. As it should be.

One comment

  1. The Grateful Dead · October 24, 2016

    Yes, that is a really fascinating yet sobering thought. Maybe we are, as a civilization, getting too big in the head.


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