Does nothing for me.

When I hear the word “eerie,” I think of things that are spooky or creepy or ghoulish or any other adjective connected to Halloween, and I have to admit that I don’t get anything out of it. Horror films don’t scare me because they’re all gore and shitty dialogue. Psychological thrillers, a la Hitchcock, are more in line with what I find scary or thought-provoking, if only because they don’t rely on immediate shock value to get you. I saw a Friday the 13th movie once and laughed myself sick because it was so stupid. People were scared by that?

I think if I had to choose something that would actually fit the definition of “eerie,” I would settle on an unforeseen coincidence, maybe. Something that could not have been set up or massaged or maneuvered in such a way that it happened. A good example would be two people dying on the same day, in the same way, and they both have the same name.


One comment

  1. s1ngal · October 31, 2016

    Horror films, we are on the same page. What Friday the 13th did to you, Paranormal Activity did to me. Aaargh.


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