Take me out to the ballgame.

Baseball is my absolute favorite sport, and I can watch any game that’s on TV, no matter who is playing.  I’m planning on watching the Cubs’ championship parade this morning with my dad, which will be a lot of fun, mostly because I never thought in my entire lifetime I would live to see it. I think what I love most about baseball is that unlike hockey, football, or basketball, there is no clock. An inning can take 5 minutes or it can take 50 minutes. It could end in 9 innings or 20. The other sports are divided into quarters or periods and each quarter or period lasts a specific amount of time, and that’s it. Overtime is a specific amount of time, and that’s it. It’s also the only sport where the defense has the ball. It’s a game of one-on-one moments between the pitcher and batter that ultimately benefits an entire team.

When people say baseball is boring or they don’t get it, I wonder what they’ve been watching, because it couldn’t have been baseball. Baseball is anything but boring. Does it have the flash or speed of hockey? No, innings can sometimes crawl by at a glacial pace, but there’s so much nuance and excitement in a runner on base, wondering if he’s going to steal, if the batter will bunt or swing away…I love it. I’ll always love it.


One comment

  1. s1ngal · November 4, 2016

    I’m the kind who loves every sports on earth but someone who never “got” baseball. I swear I tried. And I know once I get it, I’ll love it. But so far, no such luck!
    I’ll keep following you for not only all your lovely posts but also with a hope to finally “get” baseball! 🙂


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