The United States of America: 1776 – 2016.

We failed.

We’ve failed as a nation, we’ve failed as a people.

I’m sad, I’m sick, I’m disgusted, and I’m afraid.

Gays, blacks, the poor, women, Hispanics (particularly Mexicans), Muslims, anyone who isn’t a Christian….their lives today are worse than they were yesterday, and it doesn’t appear that it’ll get any better any time soon. We gave the nuclear arsenal to a man who brags about sexual assault, committing war crimes, and who was endorsed by the KKK.  He follows Obama, just like Jim Crow followed Reconstruction. I don’t know what kind of America will rise from this, but it won’t be an America I recognize or will defend. I don’t blame people around the world for thinking Americans are ignorant shitheads. Clearly, a lot of us are. Should I take comfort in the fact that, like Al Gore, Clinton will win the popular vote? I don’t know, let’s ask President Gore about that.  I just saw a comment on Twitter that the KKK were marching across a bridge in Mebane, NC, which isn’t too far from where I live. This is the new America, and the old America is dead.

Congratu-fucking-lations. I hope you choke on its ashes.

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