Tarted up like posh totty.

I’m sure most people are taking the prompt in the direction of food, which is perfectly acceptable, because fruit tarts are delicious, and I could probably devour a whole one by myself if you set it in front of me. However, “tart” has another meaning outside the US, particularly in the UK. If you “tart yourself up,” you’re putting on makeup, a short skirt or tight dress, high heels, stuff like that. You’re basically dressing up to go to a club or a party. The implication is that you’re dressing like that because you want to get laid while you’re at the club or party. If you watch as much UK TV as I do, you’ll find the word used in different ways, most of it in a teasing or jocular manner, though calling a woman a tart means you think she’s a slut or is sexually indiscriminate, and that’s never polite, so don’t do that.



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