Cleanliness is my middle name. Well, aside from Ann.

I’m not like, uber anal about cleanliness, but what I really hate is clutter. Shit just lying around wherever. Clothes all over the floor, books or magazines strewn everywhere, dirty dishes piled up beside the sink or on the table, food not put away in the pantry/cabinets, stuff like that. I’m that person who will organize all your magazines in alphabetical order and then fan them out across the coffee table. I’ll alphabetize your CDs and DVDs (Do people still even use those anymore??) so everything is easier to locate. I’ll put shit away. I just hate looking at mess, whether my own or someone else’s. The only thing I’m really anal about is bedding, but I don’t visit that upon other people. When I make my bed of a morning, it’ll take me 30 minutes sometimes just to make sure the sheet and comforter hang evenly over both sides. I like the openings of the pillowcases to face one another so that the edges on the other side are crisp. I’m not so bad off I can’t sleep in a bed that’s not made properly, but I’ll make damn sure to make it properly when I get up the next day. LOL.


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