This is the time of year when all the yummy-smelling foods come out to play, like a roasting turkey or pumpkin pie or chocolate chip cookies, and nothing makes a house smell better than something cooking on the stove or in the oven. I even have a candle that smells like a freshly baked apple pie, and it makes the entire house smell like a bakery all day. I love it. You’d think I was living in an Entenmann’s factory or something. I’m surprised I don’t gain 20 lb. just from the scents wafting in the air.



  1. I. J. Khanewala · November 21, 2016

    That photo is so good that it is to the eye what the smell of baking is to the nose.


    • Beth · November 24, 2016

      It’s definitely why I picked it. I could actually smell it, just looking at it. I love me some pumpkin pie.


  2. Photography Journal Blog · November 21, 2016

    I’m with you on this, always surprised I don’t gain weight just smelling it. Very nice photo 🙂


  3. Johnetta · March 7, 2017

    if you havent already i know some places you can o to get help first go to the dss office or dfax and you can apply for food stamps,family indeeencp,medicade,tanf and for christmas i dont know if they have this where you live but usually either you go up there or call about oct maybe nov they also put you on a list to recieve christmas gifts for your kids.


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