The Turkey Story.


As promised, here is my family’s famous, world renowned Turkey Story™.  When my dad was younger, his aunt Norma (my grandmother’s younger sister) had come over to my grandparents’ apartment with her husband for Thanksgiving.  My grandmother, my great-aunt, and my great-grandmother (their mother) were all in the kitchen attending to the food, while my grandfather, great-uncle, father and uncle were in the other room doing whatever.  As legend has it, as my great-aunt was taking the turkey out of the oven, she dropped it on the floor, and it was carried into the bathroom by a tidal wave of gravy where it bounced off the claw foot tub.  My great-aunt picked it up, dusted it off, then put it back in the oven.  Now, this did not happen.  She did drop the turkey, but there was no tidal wave of gravy, the bathroom was too far from the kitchen for that to have happened anyway, even if there was a tidal wave of gravy, and the bathtub was one of those cast iron get-ups, and not even a Mack truck could have dented that thing, much less a 20 lb. turkey.  What makes this a Thanksgiving tradition in my family is that my dad would tell my sister and I this story when we were younger, and we absolutely believed it.  My uncle, my aunt, and their kids (my cousins) would come by for Thanksgiving back then, and when the two of them would get together to tell the story, it would get more fantastical than the previous year.  They don’t come by for the holidays anymore as we live too far away now, but even though I’m 34 and my sister will be 29 next Saturday, we still tell the story, and you better believe we’ll be telling it later this afternoon for lunch!  To tie this into the prompt for today, I’m grateful that my family’s Thanksgivings are never as chaotic as this one is alleged to have been.  The funniest part is that the story has been told so many times, my dad is starting to believe it really happened!  LOL.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, wherever you may be today.  Eat lots of food, have lots of laughs, don’t focus on how much weight you might gain from all the carbs.


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  2. I. J. Khanewala · November 24, 2016

    What would an annual family dinner be without a tradition?


    • Beth · November 24, 2016

      When my grandmother was alive, she used to get so angry at my dad and uncle for tossing biscuits to people at the table when they’d ask for one. She’d sit there and just glare at them, and by this time, both of them were in their 50s. They’d shrink back like little kids and immediately apologize. She’s been gone 20 years now, but my sister and I continue the tradition of throwing rolls to people, while my mom sits and glares at us. LOL.


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