I eat with my nose, too.

I’ve talked before about how weird I am when it comes to food. If something sounds disgusting, I won’t eat it. If it looks disgusting, I won’t eat it. If it smells disgusting, I won’t eat it.  Foods that smell gross, like blue cheese, absolutely make my stomach turn. I mean, it’s moldy cheese. Who wants to eat moldy food? I prefer my food free of mold and other contaminants, thank you. I get that it makes me weird, especially if I get into all the food combinations I won’t eat because they sound gross, but life is too short to eat food you don’t want just to make someone else happy. I’ll gladly be that weird person who passes on fruit and chocolate mixed together or cottage cheese or sushi because the thought of eating them makes me want to hurl. LOL



  1. Southern by Design · November 27, 2016

    Haha! I use smell a lot too. I’m with you on blue cheese 😛 I must admit though, I love sushi 😉


  2. Sørk · November 27, 2016

    I consider blue cheese less of a food and more of a scourge. I asked the waitress to take my burger back because the meat was rancid. She insisted it was fresh that morning & took the top bun off to smell it. I -not knowing blue cheese came on that burger- asked about it and tasted a small amount on my finger. That was my only time.


  3. RobbyBobbyBurtt · November 27, 2016

    Love this. For the most part, I completely agree. I often wonder who came up with some the food choices we see. Blue cheese? Good God. Who thought “Let’s mold cheese for weeks and then eat it and see what it tastes like?” Gag. These are sick individuals…lol. Plus, being allergic to mold does save me. I’m a meat and patotoes guy. Not a big spicy food fan. But, I love to cook and experiment. And, as far as when friends say “You have to try it once.” No, my friends, no I don’t. 🙂


  4. blogblog65 · November 27, 2016

    that you don’t like blue cheese is making me blue. It’s just fermented like some other substances.


    • Beth · November 28, 2016

      I’m sorry! There’s stuff I like I’m sure you think is disgusting, so we’re even I suppose. LOL.


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