Not handy, me.

I’ve never been good at building things or putting things together. I can manage a jigsaw puzzle, but if the puzzle is too big, my patience will wear out before I’m finished. It’s one of the more irritating things about me I wish I could change. When I was in school, whether it was grammar school or high school, I was always the one kid in art class that had the hardest time drawing or painting or hell, even cutting something out of construction paper. I can do a mean stick figure, though. I think I’d have liked to go into architecture were I not artistically challenged, because I’ve always loved learning about how buildings are made to look the way they do. Take for instance the Chrysler Building in New York — the chrome top of the building, made to look like hubcaps. How did they do that? My sister is very artistic. She’s a teacher, which I’ve mentioned before, but she makes all the bulletin board backdrops and whatnot that she puts up in her classroom every year, and it all looks so nice and sharp. I’d end up buying everything. Either that or asking her to do it.


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