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Has there ever been a movie or TV show you never got into, no matter how often it was shoved in your face or referenced on the Internet somewhere? For me, one of those movies is The Big Lebowksi. I’ve seen it, but I don’t get what’s so funny about it. I see memes referencing the film used on message boards or Twitter and what not, and because I’ve seen the film I know what they’re talking about…I just don’t find it funny. I don’t know if that means the problem is with the movie, as I have a notoriously picky sense of humor, and if the bulk of your script is toilet humor, sex jokes, and pratfalls, I’m going to be bored to tears.

Am I alone in this or are there other people out there that have friends/family waxing rhapsodic about something they just don’t get? It doesn’t even have to be a TV show or movie, either. It could be a book, a song, a restaurant, a car, an electronic device…the list goes on.


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  1. datatater · December 11, 2016

    It took me many years to finally ‘get’ TBL, which is now one of my favorites, so I totally understand how it could turn someone off. My big ‘why do they like this’ are (omg, I’m going to get crucified for this) Star Wars. Simply. Do. Not. Get it. Also The Godfather. Snooze. I have to assume it’s just me, since the entire freaking PLANET seems to worship these two franchises. Whatevs. À son goût.


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