All is bright.

As we’re approaching Christmas, I thought this song matched with the prompt for today were perfect partners. Though I am an atheist, I’ve always enjoyed religious Christmas hymns, mostly because the music is beautiful, and I have several orchestral versions of these tracks in my iTunes, which I always listen to this time of year, including Joy to the World and The First Noel. I was first turned on to this version of this very well known Christmas carol about 25 years ago or so when one of the myriad soft rock/lite FM stations in Chicago played it during their “24 hours of Christmas music since Halloween” marathon. I’ve always loved her voice, believing she could sing just about anything, including the phone book, and make it sound beautiful, and this is really no exception. You don’t even need to understand Gaelic to appreciate its simplicity and tranquility. Enjoy your Christmas Eve³ musical interlude.


One comment

  1. Jim Kane · December 22, 2016

    I think that you are right Beth, she could sing anything and make it sound good! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Jim


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