Holiday memories.

christmas-tree-animated-gif-27 When I was a little kid, Christmas Eve was one of my most favorite days of the year, because it meant the next day Santa would come and leave presents, and my aunt and uncle and cousins and grandmothers would be there, and there would be yummy food, and we’d listen to music, and in general, great fun would be had. Now that I’m an adult, Santa doesn’t come leave presents anymore because there is no Santa Claus (SPOILER ALERT), my aunt, uncle, and cousins live hundreds of miles away now, and both my grandmothers have long since died. It’s just my sister, her boyfriend, and our parents now, but that’s more than enough to have a happy holiday. We still listen to music, and we still eat yummy food, and we still have each other, which is better than most people have. On this Christmas Eve, please enjoy a festive musical interlude, courtesy of Elton John.


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