Holiday hangover.

No, I’m not talking about the alcohol kind, as I don’t drink and wouldn’t know what one of those hangovers felt like if it smacked me in the face. Rather, I’m talking about the feeling of “meh” that comes on the day after a big holiday like Thanksgiving and Christmas, when things start going back to the way they were before the season started. The Lite FM stations in our area are back to playing their regular programming, people are already taking down their outdoor decorations in my neighborhood, all holiday items are on sale for something like 80% off so stores can unload it in time to restock for next year…it’s almost like you have this huge build-up only for it to just fizzle out in the end. Even with the food — you spend all that time buying ingredients, prepping ingredients, then cooking everything, only for the meal to be over in about an hour with everyone going their separate ways.

Am I the only one who hates this? I can’t be. On a side note, the brilliant and wonderful George Michael died yesterday, and it seems 2016 isn’t done swinging its scythe quite yet. This is arguably my favorite song of his, and I hope you enjoy it too. Requiescat in pace, George.


One comment

  1. blogblog65 · December 27, 2016

    Great tune. I like your post. Life is all preparation. It’s like peeling an orange or an apple. Glad you enjoyed your holidays. The high is always equal to the low. Time for you to look forward to Valentine’s Day and Easter, and maybe even enjoy the down time in between.


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