Shovel, shovel, toil, and trouble.


I live in North Carolina, and while we don’t get winters here that are comparable to what I had growing up in Chicago, we’re still far enough north (NC is considered a mid-Atlantic state, rather than the Deep South) that we get a real winter, complete with frigid temps and snow/ice. There’s already 6.5″ on the ground right now, and it’s snowing pretty steadily at the moment, so that could go up another half inch or more by the time it’s finally over. Thankfully we had the foresight to buy a snow shovel when we moved here, and we guard that thing like the gold at Fort Knox. There’s no leaving the shovel on the porch, it’ll be gone in a New York minute. We’re going to buy another one after this winter is over so we’ll have two for next winter, but as for now, my dad and I will be taking turns shoveling. At least this shit is the dry, powdery kind, rather than the heavy, wet stuff, which will make it easier to shovel.

Hopefully your Saturday is looking better than mine.


One comment

  1. susiesopinions · January 7, 2017

    We’ve had heavy rain in Florida.


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